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Diabetes and Dental implant
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Diabetes and Dental Implant

In the modern era, diabetes has become one of the most dreadful lifestyle Conditions, where your body loses its ability to manage blood sugar levels. Diabetes is also associated with numerous other problems and effects on our body. Now having diabetes slows down our healing process. This raises another set of questions and confusion for people considering other treatments.

A dental implant is a good way to improve the situation. The problem is that while diabetes can ruin your overall health, a missing tooth can exacerbate the situation. Your cheeks can sag when you lose a tooth, and that can lead to more signs of ageing than aging itself.

Due to the fact that dental implants normally take 6 months to heal and are titanium screw inserted into your jaw bone, diabetes can pose a major problem for those considering implants.

dental implants for diabetic patient

Is Dental implants safe for a Diabetic?

dental implants safe for diabetic patient

The question about whether dental implants are safe for diabetics is certainly valid in such a case. Here is a quick look at the subject so you can get all the details you need before having your dental implant procedure performed.

Diabetes unsettles the entire body in ways that can be described as disruptive. Many options are available for people who have lost a tooth and also suffer from diabetes. When a person needs a treatment that lasts long, replicates the natural tooth as closely as it can, and provides support for the rest of the teeth, he or she usually opts for a dental implant.

Nevertheless, the body's natural healing process enables the root to integrate into the jawbone. Following this, the gums heal around the implant. In fact, the healing process is what makes the implant seem like a real tooth and a more permanent solution than bridges and dentures. Unfortunately, diabetes interferes with the healing process, which increases implant failures significantly.

The success rate of implants is pretty high (95%), but even implants can fail if proper care is not taken. Additionally, an underlying condition such as diabetes can significantly reduce the likelihood of success.


You can get a dental implant if you have diabetes under control and your health is perfect. Dental implants are more effective than bridges and dentures in helping you heal and adhere to a diabetes-based diet. If you keep your health up, you won't even have to worry about implant failure. Moreover, to determine whether you can get an implant or not, it is always important to disclose your exact medical history to your dentist.

The bottom line is that yes, dental implants are safe for people with diabetes, but it is more important to monitor and maintain your health before you have them. A comprehensive dental examination is essential before the implant procedure. We provide complete dentistry and complete results at Clove Dental.