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Smile safely: Why dental care is important
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Smile safely: Why dental care is important

We all know that a smile is one of the most beautiful parts of the human face. And a row of sparkling teeth behind that smile is the most striking feature. A gleaming smile is not only beautiful but it reflects a robust state of the body.

Dirty, pale, and crooked teeth are not just hard to look at but also reflect several deficiencies and undetected health problems. Sometimes, the uneven dentures can cause impediments to speech and enunciation too.

Unfortunately, people in India visit a dentist only when a tooth has decayed to the core or they are facing problems finding a suitable match. Contrary to popular belief, a regular visit to a dentist is not a waste of time and money. Dental care is as important as eye care or cardiac health.

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Dental care and overall wellness

This may sound a little bizarre but dental care is paramount to keep your body healthy and happy. Recent studies have shown that dental problems like cavities are not problems but are precursors or symptoms to some bigger health issues. In many cases, very commonplace problems like delayed uprooting of teeth in children pointed towards rare genetic disorders.

Some of the ordinary problems are found to be connected with graver health ailments. Some of them are enlisted here:


Although a serious gum disease, Periodontitis is fairly preventable if detected in the developing stage. But it has also been shown to hint at cardiac problems. Periodontitis triggers bacterial growth in the mouth. This bacterial infection enters the bloodstream and hampers the cardiac muscles. Patients suffering from Periodontitis are very susceptible to cardiac complications.

In addition to that, Periodontitis among pregnant women is found linked with premature birth and underweight babies


Bad breath:

A very normal problem of bad breath not only shows a lack of dental care but is directly connected to many serious diseases. Diabetics frequently suffer from bad breath. People having liver malfunction cannot digest food. The toxins in the body result in a typical foul breath. Patients suffering from kidney ailments can not flush out the toxins from their bodies. The accumulated toxic waste results in bad breath. So we can see, our oral health gives us subtle hints via commonplace but persistent problems. Ergo, we can say, paying attention to "common" problems coupled with routine visits to dental care centres can help you to nip tons of problems in the bud.

Covid19 and dental decay:

The most alarming connections of dental health and overall wellness have now surfaced in the ongoing pandemic. Most of the patients recovering from Covid19 are complaining of loose teeth, toothache, and gummy ailments. These problems are an indication that the mouth and jaws can exhibit symptoms of many side effects and other complications.

Therefore, taking care of teeth and not ignoring common problems, like persistent bad breath, can help in the early detection of many grave health ailments. In a nutshell, taking a tour of your local dental care centre at regular intervals can keep you healthy and smiley.

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